Brand and Customer Research – the Lux Perspective

4/6/2021   By: Catherine Lin

Use Brand Research to get customers in the door and Customer Experience (CX) Research to keep them

Brand research and customer experience research are essential to business growth. Both types of research have an inherent focus and that is the customer. When a brand shows consistency in how it represents itself, and people understand what it is and what it does, they are much more inclined to become a customer. Furthermore, when customers are satisfied with their experience, they will be more likely to return. Understanding both how you are perceived and how you perform are equally important.

Brand Research vs. Customer Experience Research

Brand research:

Evaluate performance on key measures such as brand awareness, consideration, and usage

Determine key motivators and barriers to consideration or usage

Measure brand perception in a competitive context

Explore marketing strategies on how to build or improve customers’ expectations around the brand (how do we make this promise)

Customer experience research:

Evaluate customer experiences on key measures and touchpoints such as Net Promoter Score and likelihood to visit or purchase

Determine key strengths and areas for improvement for customer experience

Identify trends and benchmarks of the customer experience

Explore retention strategies that help to improve or maintain service delivery (how do we keep our promise)

What can Lux Insights provide?

  • At Lux, we have rich experience working with many local and global brands and we are well versed in the basics of brand and customer experience survey design.
  • We can leverage our clients’ databases and survey their customers or we can work with trusted global partners to ensure we can target key audience groups that are of interest across B2C and B2B (including C-Suite).
  • With online surveys, we can provide quantifiable metrics to produce data-driven recommendations and help our clients make reliable decisions. Results can also be projected to the overall population and tracked over time to measure any shifts.
  • Additionally, we take brand and customer research further by providing higher analytics – this helps get beneath some of the more basic metrics in order to get a deeper level of understanding. For example, we have helped our clients measure their overall brand health and have created ‘brand maps’ to show how they are perceived relative to key competitors.
  • We also have extensive background conducting multi-country studies with languages other than English, such as Chinese, French, German and Japanese. We recognize the importance of localization in a global, multi-language study and that critical insights can be lost in translation if aspects such as culture are not considered. Therefore, Lux partners with experts who provide localized translation and in-language coding services to ensure consistent quality regardless of where the study is being conducted.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Lux can partner with your team to conduct brand or customer experience research, feel free to reach out to us.