Can a Research Firm be Socially Responsible?

3/5/2021   By: Lux Insights

An Ever Changing Perspective…
Every year at Lux, our team goes on two retreats which serve as dedicated time for team building and strategy development. In past years, a day out of the office gave us the space to reflect on who we are as a team, where we are headed, and what holds us together. In February 2020 at our mid-year retreat, we collectively wrote a Trust Agreement detailing all the ways we’re invested in supporting each other, keeping each other accountable, and fostering flourishing.

As we draw closer to the one year anniversary of the start of the pandemic lockdown, we have reflected on the ways the pandemic and major international events from the past year have shifted our thinking. A few weeks ago, at our 2021 mid-year retreat, our team re-visited this Trust Agreement and added a few more amendments. This time, our changes were aimed at making sure we are conscious of the rippling effects our research can have and our shared responsibility to challenge each other and our clients on our mutual social responsibility. Our perspectives have changed and our commitment to giving back and social responsibility is changing too.

What Does “Socially Responsible” Mean To Us
As researchers, listeners and storytellers, we recognize that we’re constantly in the process of learning and educating ourselves about what it looks like for a small company to take action and maintain integrity towards a broader social responsibility. We imagine many of our clients feel the same way. This is why we have identified learning and education as a focal point on where we would like to take action over the next year to support our team, our clients, and our broader community.

At Lux, we are committed to taking steps towards learning and education in four ways:

  1. Connecting our clients with greater learning and educational opportunities.
  2. Supporting students by diminishing barriers to access learning and education.
  3. Partnering with external organizations/charities that are community leaders in supporting community learning and educational opportunities.
  4. Building and challenging our own socially responsible best practices as a company and within the market research industry.

As we develop more practical guidelines for what inclusive research looks as an end-to-end process, feel free to get in touch with Nune Hov,, for more details.

We’re eager to learn and to listen.