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Baby Monitor Segmentation

The Challenge

Since the launch of a new baby monitor device, the product has appealed to one core group of parents and expecting parents. The company is well informed about this core group, including how to reach them. Outside of this core group though, the company has not seen the same sense of urgency to purchase the device.

Insights from this research were needed to help identify the key segments for the company to prioritize within the U.S. parent population and help validate direction, inform, and shape their product.

The Solution

Lux conducted an 18-minute online survey with a total of 1200n survey completes. This broke out into 800n market survey completes and 400n customer survey completes with a 50/50 split of new parents and expecting parents. Lux later conducted a k-means clustering analysis to create a true segmentation analysis, develop personas and create a typing tool for the client to use.

The Outcome

This segmentation study has helped the company better identify the segments that exist in the baby product marketplace, assess how to reach them, and determine how to appeal to them.

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