Solutions - Campaign/Ad Testing & Message Testing

Building a Foundation of Brand Metrics & Testing Messaging

The Challenge

Lux was challenged by a mid-size consulting firm to evaluate its campaign in a key US market. There was a need by the brand and marketing teams to better understand brand awareness, familiarity, and perceptions among the target audience of interest, in addition to uncovering how a recent campaign may have shifted perceptions.

The Solution

A 10-minute online survey was fielded with a sample of 200 specific professionals in that regional market. In this case, the campaign was already in field so a baseline measurement could not be conducted.

The Outcome

Our client team obtained insights on overall impact of the campaign on its niche target audience in terms of recall, message takeaway, and brand impact. The research also provided a very clear foundation of how the client was perceived within the local competitive landscape. Results helped validate the general direction of the campaign while providing recommendations to optimize messaging and media going forward.

We are currently conducting a similar project in another region to assess the impact in that market.

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