Solutions - Customer Experience & Journey Mapping

Consumer Journey Mapping Study

The Challenge

To better position the brand in the minds of consumers, this men’s underwear brand needed research to explore the premium underwear marketplace from the shopping journey and competitive landscape to foundational attitudes and usage. We explored the highs and lows of the underwear shopping journey and identified the most important decision factors to consumers in the premium underwear category.

The Solution

Lux conducted a 5-day mobile diary with existing and non-customers across the US and Canada. Participants were then sent on a live shopping expedition to understand the shopping journey at length. Finally, an online mobile platform allowed participants to capture live footage of their experience.

The Outcome

Lux mapped the multi-phase shopping journey of existing and potential customers and found that not all men have equal underwear needs. We observed a hierarchy of importance when it comes to purchasing triggers and variation among consumers depending on whether they chose a in-store or online retail experiences.

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