Solutions - Innovation & New Concept Testing

Design of a Wellness Center for High-Net-Worth Audiences

The Challenge

An architectural company, a real-estate company, and a community development company joined forces to design a never-before-seen wellness center for individuals living in a specific niche market with a net worth of over $2 million. Their objective was to study and understand the lifestyle and health and wellness needs of this specific audience as well as ideate and receive data-driven recommendations for designing a spectacular wellness center.

The Solution

Lux hosted a 5-day qualitative online community to gather in-depth experiences, lifestyle habits, and health and wellness needs through online videos, media submissions, and other engaging activities, capturing perspectives from local residents, prospective property buyers from further afield, and local real estate agents. Additionally, Lux worked with the real-estate firm to suvey prospective buyers with an online survey.

The Outcome

Results included deep insights around the lifestyle, health and wellness aspirations, and behaviors and attitudes of a complex niche audience to providing architectural design recommendations with concept boards as well as recommendations for amenities and services.

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