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Exploring New Underserved Markets for a Healthcare Org

The Challenge

A healthcare giant was interested in learning more about residents in a small and underserved market in the US. As a location with unique population and needs, they wanted to understand more about the types of patients that would be requiring care in that region, as well as surrounding regions. Their aim was to understand the needs, requirements, and current gaps/unmet needs of those that would be requiring care.

The Solution

Interviews were conducted with niche audiences from this market due to the sensitive nature of the questions. Interviews were approximately 45 minutes in length and dove deep into the stories and experiences of participants surround their medical experiences and opinions in their community.

The Outcome

The research output enabled Lux to develop unique story cards from the experiences of individuals demonstrating their struggles in this community and the potential impact improved healthcare options in the area could provide. This research informed recommendations around what’s important to the community and why, how satisfied the audience is with current care and what services/carelines the organization could provide.

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