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Foundational Brand Research for Supermarket Chain

The Challenge

A supermarket chain headquartered in the US west coast wished to assess its position vis-à-vis competitors and identify the most fruitful opportunities to focus attention. Specific research objectives were to understand what matters to consumers and drives purchase and loyalty, measure key brand metrics, such as awareness, familiarity, consideration, and perceptions among competitors, as well as profile the client’s customers and understand how they are similar or different from prospective customers.

The Solution

Lux conducted an online survey with consumers in client’s trade areas and client customers. Analysis included Key Driver Analysis and Relative Brand Strengths (RBS) to better understand and contextualize insights. The survey was fielded across a total of 750n market consumers and 2,000+ customers.

The Outcome

This study led the client to understand their core strengths to leverage areas of opportunity, as well as provided detailed insights about key competitors to watch out for. Additionally, insights gleaned through our research directly helped optimize offerings to leverage brand performance, improve services, and manage communications to increase loyalty among current customers.

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