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Improving Recruitment Success Rate for an Accounting Firm

The Challenge

A large global professional services firm was concerned about its recruitment success in a specific market. They had noticed a decline in offer acceptance from candidates who underwent the recruiting process. They needed to better understand what might be driving this perceived lower success rate and how they could turn this around

The Solution

Lux conducted online focus groups with student recruits who had recently turned down an offer from the consulting firm. The groups were staggered over 2 different time periods of the year, shortly after offers were declined so that the process, feelings and attitudes were fresh.  Because the decisions were already made, we felt that focus groups would allow for participants to ideate about the process and solutions.

The Outcome

Findings provide rich insights on key influences on the decision about what offer to accept. This included understanding the journey from firm awareness, application, interviewing, other connections such as in person or lunch events, through to offer. We also better understood the specific strengths and weaknesses of our client’s approach to ensure they continued to do the things that helped perceptions, as well as areas where a better or more consistent experience could be employed. 

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