Solutions - Channel or Location Evaluations

Investigating Naming Solutions for a Museum Client

The Challenge

Our client, an existing museum, was moving to a new facility and location. The client wanted to use this as an opportunity to reinvigorate its brand. The challenge was to understand which image names generated the most interest, as well as represent the image it was trying to evoke.

The Solution

We conducted an online survey with the target audience who represented visitors or potential visitors of cultural attractions from specific geographic markets. A total of 5 names were tested.

The Outcome

Two names emerged as the favorites, one of which was the existing museum name. However, the client went with the new name which, although was the 2nd most preferred, was identified as modern and unique. It also more strongly appealed to a younger audience that the museum was trying to attract. Since the study, the museum has successfully rebranded and relocated.

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