Solutions - Innovation & New Concept Testing

Market Interest & Concept Testing Study

The Challenge

A Fortune 100 company was interested in validating a new effervescent tablet among consumers and retailers in the US before introducing to the market. In particular, they wanted to understand receptivity to the product and explore how description, packaging, and pricing impacted willingness to purchase.

The Solution

Lux conducted an online survey with 900n US respondents: 800n Consumers and 100n Retailers.

The Outcome

Our client was able to see how key audiences perceived the product concept. The research was able to quantify willingness to purchase based on several factors, as well as detailed product perceptions from consumer and retailer points of view. We obtained understanding of key competitor performance and their relative place within the competitive set. By understanding what resonated with consumers and retailers, Lux helped identify the target audience with the largest potential, as well as a secondary audiences for the new product.

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