Solutions - Market Segmentation & Persona Development

Market Landscape & Segmentation Study

The Challenge

Our client, a leading supplement brand, wanted to gain a deeper understanding of consumers to build awareness and increase customer acquisition, as well as better understand the changing market landscape. Core to this research study was understanding consumers’ current perceptions of the category and their brands’ standing among existing customers.

The Solution

Lux conducted an online survey with ~1,500 consumers and ~375 customers to measure current awareness, attitudes, and usage within the market as well as understand motivators and barriers for consumption. Following this, Lux conducted market segmentation to identify and deepen understanding of key audiences using K-Means clustering analysis.

The Outcome

Our client gained insights into the market landscape such as a clear understanding of their position in the marketplace, against key competitors of interest. Other key outcomes include identifying key segments for our client to consider and prioritizing them based on brand alignment, spend share and segment size. Lux created

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