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Measure Customer Service Channels of Performance for Legal

The Challenge

Our client had found that the majority of customers call lawyers when reaching out about an issue or request and that about half of the time, emails sent by new customers are not acknowledged. Additionally, the ones that receive responses, have responses that do not answer the customers’ questions and some even encourage customers to call in instead. Their challenge was to understand, if new customers are calling in, what is the response rate of pick ups and/or call backs and what sort of information is provided by lawyers as a first impression. Do customers feel like all of their questions are answered in a clear and concise way, and do they feel like they have a positive impression of the lawyer after their interaction. At a high level we hope to cover the following

The Solution

Lux designed a mystery shopping/channel performance study that engaged 500 channel performance panelists who had to measure the performance of 500 different legal advisors by playing mission based roles. Mystery Callers were trained and provided instructions about what they are to expect to hear from lawyers, what specific questions to ask during the phone interaction, what to include in the voicemail that they leave, and then took a 10-15 minute survey.

The Outcome

The study helped the client understand how many firms pick up and how many go to voicemail, the quality of content in calls that get picked up, the quality of content in returned calls, returned calls from voicemails left and time in which call was returned and lastly the impression of interaction and call experience from shoppers; if all questions from shoppers were answered and clear next steps were indicated

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