Solutions - UX Testing

Testing a New Website Tool and Exploring Optimization Opportunities

The Challenge

A government organization that aids access to post-secondary education wanted to test a new tool on their website. Their aim was to further refine the user experience. A key output of this initiative was to understand across key user groups grades 10 – 12 and parents of high school students the performanc of all website components.

The Solution

Virtual in-depth interviews were conducted with relevant key audiences of interest. This included prospective audiences who would potentially be interacting with this tool.

The Outcome

Our client left with a clear measure of tool performance, along with overall perceptions and deep dive into the website components that work and don’t work. This includes understanding the user journey from start to finish from the perspective of two different key audiences.
Our client left with tailored cheat sheets for each audience of interest. This cheat sheet outlined essential features and features for optimization that can be easily acted on.

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