Congratulations Hanson on Becoming a Partner at Lux!

4/2/2020   By: Claire Booth

Imagine yourself in a traffic jam. You’re stalled, unable to see what is ahead. Nothing is moving. Sitting in your car, you experience the range of emotions: anger, frustration, irritation…but then acceptance, and eventually, you turn to the person in the car beside you and give them a shrug and a smile. Eventually the car ahead of you moves and so do you and suddenly you’re driving past whatever was on the side of the road that caused the slow down. Soon traffic opens up, the road unfolds in front of you, and you’re off, but a little more careful not to speed, and a little more aware of your fellow drivers. Until the road opens up, our job is not to run out of gas (or charge), mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

One of the ways we are keeping ourselves charged at Lux is by practicing business as usual, with the team working remotely and engaging in new routines. About six months ago, Hanson and I began the process of bringing him in as an owner. I am happy to announce that our shareholders agreement was signed just a few days ago. I am delighted, but not surprised, to witness Hanson’s demonstration of commitment to Lux in these unprecedented times. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, and our team couldn’t ask for a better leader. Please join me in congratulating Hanson!

Founder and CEO

Lux team working remotely
Members of the Lux team and their loved ones working remotely