Flexibility and the Important Role It Plays in Our Workplace

11/8/2018   By: Lux Insights

Similar to how we pride ourselves on being a flexible research partner for our clients, it’s equally important that we’re flexible with our employees. We know that happy employees produce better deliverables. Providing them an environment they choose for themselves is strongly linked with this!

It’s one of the many reasons why we are nominated for Small Business BC’s Best Employer Award. If you haven’t already, you can vote for us here!

From accommodating soon-to-be or new parents, long distance relationships, travel enthusiasts and more, we’ve created policies to help support personal passion projects or circumstances.

Carmen Chang, a Senior Research Manager and Mom to a three-year old and newborn, shares her story on flexible working:

“My journey at Lux started 6 years ago when I was a newlywed. Since then, my husband and I have welcomed two children into our lives – a 3-year-old son and a newborn daughter. Needless to say, life is quite different now (i.e. goodbye sleep and hello family friendly restaurants).

Lucky for me, Lux has been tremendously supportive of my role as a working mom. I soon realized after my first maternity leave that the typical 40-hour work week was no longer working for me. To help me balance the best of both worlds, Lux gave me an opportunity to work a flexible schedule, as well as work from home.

My schedule allows me to drop off my son at daycare, as well as see him excitedly bound into my arms during pick up from daycare. The extra time with my kids also meant that I’ve been able to attend sports days, concerts and field trips (or simply catch up on the endless heaps of laundry).

Some days I still feel a little guilty that I’m not with my kids to witness all their smiles or pick them up after all their falls. That said, my hope is that I’m setting a good example for them in the future by showing that it is possible to achieve both your professional and personal goals. Because of this, I believe Lux Insights is deserving of the Small Business BC’s Best Employer Award.”

Luckily for us, even though Carmen is currently on maternity leave, she continues to surprise and delight us with updates on Slack of her journey as a mother of two.

Other flexible working policies we have include:
• Vacation
• Flexibility telecommuting
• A weekly Self-Care Hour
• Winter Work from Anywhere
• Summer Flex Days
• Half-Day Birthdays
• Plus options for attending meditation retreats, taking sabbaticals and more!