Getting Retail Insights During the Pandemic

12/11/2020   By: Catherine Lin

How do you get in store insights or test your customer journey during the pandemic?

With the advent of COVID-19 and popularity of doing everything online, the experience of shopping has undoubtedly been disrupted and transformed for consumers. While brick-and-mortar stores may still lead in providing a unique, tangible experience, this can be challenging for retailers to create as we enter the new normal and continue to actively shape our expectations of shopping in the future. Not to mention, needing to ensure that all retail locations are following the necessary precautions.

It is tricky for brick-and-mortar stores to gather live feedback to inform these expectations, as it can be especially difficult to get your hands into retail locations either to interview real customers while shopping, test out new pick-up/delivery services or to evaluate if products and/or services meet quality, safety and performance expectations. Fortunately, with recruited shoppers, geolocation and virtual shop alongs you can get the retail insights seamlessly.

The team at Lux has expertise in these fields to provide you with affordable and friction free research solutions that will help answer any retailer-level questions.


We can be your eyes and your ears across retail stores globally.

Lux can recruit participants from an experienced panel and train them to perform specific tasks, qualitatively or quantitatively, and have the participants provide detailed feedback back to us. And these tasks are not limited to just shopping at a retailer or conducting shop alongs virtually – participants are also trained in mystery calling, app usage, and emailing, which can provide valuable insights on the responsiveness and effectiveness of your organization. Lux is also able to target real customers at-home or in-store and ask them to provide feedback about their behavior through geolocation surveys and diary activities catching them “in the act” of visiting retailers.

This methodology is adaptable and offers a wide range of opportunities for your organization to better enrich the consumer experience; and this could be an ideal way to understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on your customers! For questions and additional information, please reach out to our expert for retail-specific insights or location-based research at