Google Launches Databoard for research

7/19/2013   By: Frankie Aeng

Google recently launched a new product called “Databoard”, a product that allows users to design their own infographics based on Google’s research studies, all within an easy and simple designed interface. At Lux we love presenting information in compelling ways, so we took some time to check out Databoard to see what it can do.

Google Databoard aims to:

– Make research easier to consume

– Increase data sharing

– Organize data into a comprehensive story

– Make research easier to discover

Because Databoard is still in its beginning phases, it only offers four research studies so far. Google publishes research studies on topics that they feel are currently under-researched, which could explain why the majority of their available research is on mobile behaviour.

In the future, Databoard will include more research studies in additional languages and countries. It may also allow users to upload data from their own research studies down the road.

Check out Google Databoard here to see how it works.