Lux’s President, Hanson Lok, featured on the Marketing News Canada podcast

11/17/2021   By: Lux Insights

On October 22, 2021, Our company President, Hanson Lok, was featured on the Marketing News Canada podcast.

Marketing News Canada is Canada’s #1 show featuring experts across different marketing industries. In the interview President Hanson Lok talks about the integral role of marketing in business growth, what it takes to run a global brand, current social issues, as well as fun discussions around topics like Star Trek and Santa Clause.

Some of the highlights from the interview include:

  • From university student to Marketing Firm President
    • Getting the most out of university by engaging in Co-Ops and Internships
    • Finding the balance between data and creative in marketing
    • Developing a marketing research career after graduation
  • What it takes to start your own business
    • The importance of establishing a powerful workplace culture and why it is crucial when planning to grow your business
    • Understanding what costs are involved in starting and maintaining a successful market research firm

Marketing News Canada podcast featuring Lux' President Hanson Lok

  • How having a strong set of values improves work quality and relationships
    • It benefits everyone to have courage to report data honestly
    • How to set expectations and create a shared vision between clients and your team
    • Handling important conversations with clients around budget and getting quality data
  • Rapid fire questions about Star Trek, Santa Clause, hockey, and more
    • The best Star Trek is… You will have to listen to the podcast to get these answers 😉

Thank you Marketing News Canada and host Ballistic Arts CEO Ted Lau for hosting this engaging interview. 

To listen to the full podcast and get all the details on the topics above visit Marketing News Canada’s Apple Podcast.

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