We Leave Inspired After Volunteering at G Day

5/15/2018   By: Lux Insights

How often are you celebrated for being exactly who you are, especially as a young girl? Once we heard about G Day, we knew we had to get involved. Last Monday (on May 7th), the Lux Vancouver team headed over to the Polygon Gallery to lend a helping hand with G Day Vancouver 2018.


G Day is a special one-day event that celebrates the transition between childhood and adolescence for girls ages 10-12. The main focus is to foster self-acceptance, confidence and connection by celebrating exactly who they are.


Claire Booth shares her thoughts on the experience below.

I purposely do a lot of things in my life to keep myself inspired, but nothing compares to the inspiration I got from hanging out with 150 pre-teen girls at G Day.

The theme was empowerment. I was benefiting as much as they were as we talked about our “inner monsters.” My inner monster has kept me from celebrating my own success, but on G Day, surrounded by these vibrant, hopeful and courageous girls, something in me shifted. Seeing the whole Lux team engage with the girls – as circle leaders, as the first friendly faces they see when their parents drop them off, as the fun-loving adults sharing belly laughs at the end of day dance party – made me realize how proud I am of building this company.

Had I had G Day when I was eleven, I surely would have been a more emotionally mature and brave young woman. But I got my G Day at age 44 at a time when I am graduating from someone focused on growing her company to someone who realizes what she can do with it.”


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of our G Day experience:

Lux Team Photo G Day Vancouver Claire speaking Dancing with Lauren Nicole and Alexis Hang out session with Lauren Alexis and Jacquie