Inspiring Excellence at Lux Insights

8/3/2023   By: Hanson Lok

At Lux, we talk a lot about “flourishing” – for our clients, our participants, and each other. This past year, we developed two Centres of Excellence; one for qualitative research and one for quantitative research. The purpose was to put research excellence at the forefront of all that we do. This includes developing effective and efficient processes, providing ongoing training, and staying informed on the latest research innovations.

By creating these Centres of Excellence, we benefit three key audiences:

  • For our clients, it enables us to provide best in class research approaches and apply the latest research techniques and tools. We consistently attend conferences and webinars to learn about the newest trends in research. All of this enables us to provide research with impact – helping our clients inform their most important decisions.
  • For our research participants, the Centres develop best practices, which allows for a more engaging participant experience. This ensures that research participants are interested in taking part, feel involved and connected throughout the research, and feel engaged enough to give us their honest thoughts and feedback. Ultimately, richer, better-quality data is a game changer as it leads to richer insights for our clients.
  • For Luxians, the opportunity to participate in internal training modules to sharpen and expand our research skills is invaluable and ensures we are engaged, growing, and working to the best of our abilities. Learning about the newest qualitative and quantitative trends inspires and cultivates innovative approaches to how we think and carry out research. It is a beneficial resource that adds value right from the beginning of a project at the design stage, all the way to how we deliver an engaging final report. Increasing this knowledge and these skills across the Lux team makes us better insights architects for your team.
Carmen Chang

“Heading the Quantitative Centre of Excellence is an exciting role for me at Lux. I’m thrilled to share my 15+ years of research experience and knowledge with clients and Luxians, and to challenge how we currently manage quantitative projects so we can constantly learn and push ourselves to deliver best in class research tailored to our clients’
Carmen Chang, Senior Consultant (Quantitative)

Marnie Mochnacz

“Leading the Qualitative Centre of Excellence fosters not only personal opportunities but allows fellow Luxians to grow and flourish as qualitative researchers. Engaged researchers deliver superior results to clients, which is why I’m so excited to be a part of this important initiative which allows me pass on my passion and expertise.”
Marnie Mochnacz, Senior Consultant (Qualitative)

If you would like to learn more about Lux or how we might be able to support you, please reach out to Marnie Mochnacz at and/or Carmen Chang at