Meet Your Customers by Leveraging New Video Tools

7/3/2018   By: Lux Insights

How often do companies get face to face time with their customers?

For many, not often, which makes digging into the minds of customers a mystifying and frustrating task. Thankfully, people worldwide are now constantly connected via their smartphone, tablet, laptop and more. We’re taking advantage of this connection to help our clients understand their customers better than ever and so can you.

Michael Dalzell from Stormtech and Lauren McCrae from Lux Insights recently spoke at the 2018 MRIA conference on the power of using video responses to illustrate customer personas to an entire business. To bridge the gap between qual and quant, Lux used Voxpopme to collect video responses in online surveys and Curator video to record in-person interviews.

Benefits are threefold:

  1. It’s a direct connection between company and customers and help bring the insights to life more clearly;
  2. This tool makes the process of dealing with video on the back-end more manageable and enjoyable.
  3. It’s more exciting and engaging for people answering surveys!

Video enhances insights by capturing both verbal and non-verbal sentiments. When put into short showreels, these sentiments are powerful demonstrations of what customers think and bring specific open ended questions to life. It’s also easier to get entire organizations on board with research findings once they hear customers vocalize their thoughts and see their facial expressions.

Using Voxpopme, Stormtech could more quickly visualize each customer persona and their motivation of being outdoors.

What does this look like?

Here is an example video reel on customers’ favourite beer brand provided by Voxpopme.

Ready to meet your customers? Talk to us, and we’ll get them to talk to you.


*This image is provided by Voxpopme.