Moderators: Meet Personal Branding

1/8/2016   By: Claire Booth

What does personal branding have to do with moderating?  A lot, we found out.  The Pacific NW chapter of QRCA invited Katie Bennet, a personal branding expert, to help us better understand and define our personal brands and thus better differentiate ourselves as moderators.

  • After spending a couple of hours exploring our personal brands, Katie led us through an exercise where we brainstormed all of the qualities an excellent moderator needs.
  • Next, we voted on the top qualities, narrowing them down to the “must-haves”.
  • We then had to take a hard look at ourselves and identify which attribute best fit with our authentic selves (and thus our personal brand.)
  • As the picture shows, we were amazed to see that almost all of us ended up owning different categories: empathy, strategy, leadership, synthesizer, multi-tasker etc.

As a note to moderators: be loud and proud about your personal brand and what it means for you as a moderator.  Odds are, you have a style all your own.

As a note to clients: remember you are working with a personal brand as much as a company brand when you are collaborating with a moderator.  Ask your moderator where they excel!

For more information, please contact Claire Booth.