Strategic Planning in Qualicum

8/23/2013   By: Lux Insights

As part of Lux’s summer working retreat, we packed some swimsuits, sandals and sunglasses and headed off to Qualicum Beach for our three-day strategic planning session.

Blog Photos


1. The Lux team at Cuckoo in Coombs restaurant, delicious Italian food.
2. A farm, wine and cheese tour which includes a tractor ride at Morningstar Farm.
3. The Nanoose Esso gnome, recognized as the largest gnome in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.
4. Hanson, Claire and Carmen enjoying the Coombs Country Market, known for the goats on the roof.
5. Our beloved home for the three days.
6. No work retreat is complete without smores. Unfortunately open fires were not permitted, so we improved with a barbeque.

And of course we did some work! Check back next Friday to hear more about what emerged from our three-day strategic planning session.