Summary from: Leading Strategy through Consumer Insights

9/19/2017   By: Jay Levinger

On September 13th, Lux Insights and the AMA Puget Sound held a special event with our client David Yin, Fitbit’s Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Research.

With more than 63 million devices sold, over 50 million registered users, and a global retail footprint of more than 55,000 stores, Fitbit is one of the leading wearable companies in the world. David gave us a behind the scenes look at Fitbit’s insights division and how he has learned over his career to create purposeful insights that stick as well as drive change in quickly evolving environments.

For Lux Insights and the AMA Puget Sound, the event was an opportunity for us to bring our community of members, partners, clients, and sponsors together to learn from a great speaker and connect with each other.

Key takeaways:

  • CONTENT is crucial. Establish a higher expectation from insights to generate interest. Three tests for a great insight; is it…
    • Intuitive?
    • Inspiring?
    • Actionable?
  • Getting teams to adopt insights is often the biggest challenge. Give them broader CONTEXT so insights become more memorable and inspiring. Frameworks to create context are essential. Examples:
    • Targeting doesn’t mean you’re giving up on most of the world. Stop saying “who is the target?” and instead start saying “who is the consumer/segment we want to attract first?”
    • Organize, then ladder your benefits to the consumer. It will help you prioritize what new things to build or areas to improve.
  • Micromanaging isn’t an option. Establish a strong CULTURE to get scale from your teams. Some best practices:
    • Build on your expertise by being curious, experimental, and iterative.
    • Focus on making your team members “as marketable as possible” and celebrate departures. That way your incentives are aligned and you have nurtured your people for mutual success.
    • Give credit where it is due. With successful teams, there is plenty to go around.

You can download the key presentation slides here.

Thank you to everyone who attended! We had a great time. If you have questions about the event/presentation or need help ideating and solving research challenges, please contact Jay Levinger at jay @ luxinsights [dot] com or 206-915-1047.