Beyond Cross-Tabs: Deeper Insights Using Analytics

11/5/2013   By: Hanson Lok

With research baked into business at all levels, marketers have all seen the usual % rankings, cut by demographics, behaviours, etc.

But are we missing something? Is there something buried in the data that isn’t so obvious?

Often – yes: beneath raw answers, there are statistical relationships between data points that we must reveal to truly uncover deeper insights.

Over the next few months, Lux will be highlighting some of our in-house analytics capabilities, such as:

  1. TURF analysis: discover the optimal combination of product lines or features to reach a maximum number of customers.
  2. Derived importance:  find out what really drives choice or decisions, beyond what customers tell you matters.
  3. Choice-based conjoint:  in a competitive context, discover the optimal offering (features, price) to maximize market share.

Lux runs all of these statistical analyses in-house and would be happy to demonstrate how these can help your organization get deeper insight from your data.

Interested in learning more?  We’re happy to show you how these techniques work, just get in touch!