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We support both, B2C (business to consumer) research and B2B (business to business) research. We can talk to your customers from your list or find the right audience “in the wild” – we pride ourselves in finding those hard to find targets!

Yes! We have senior consultants that specialize in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. We’ve developed centers of excellence at Lux for methods to keep us apprised of the latest approaches, innovations, best practices, and training. Unlike other, more siloed, research firms, you can be sure that we design the right approach to answer your business and research questions. We also will recommend the right approach, whether its virtual, in-person or other solution.

We have CX experts and are happy to work with a list that you provide, as well as finding respondents in the wild. We provide full end-to-end service from designing the questions to gathering data to writing the insights.

Absolutely! Our experts will provide you will full end-to-end service regardless of the methodology or approach. We will collaborate with you and your stakeholders to write the questions and design the activities, script and test, recruit/schedule and collect the data during the fieldwork period, develop and manage project timelines and deliver the findings in an insight driven report which our experts will help you and your stakeholders action.

Our research experts have experience with small and large accounts as well as simple and complex accounts. We do a lot of work with municipalities and large organizations that have complex departments or structures. You will always have a responsive, single point of contact that will make your experience completely friction free. We do our best to make your life easy, so will take communications management and collaboration off your hands.

We may be boutique in size, but we do a lot of work with complex, global and multi layered accounts. We are happy to provide research services across markets worldwide and provide translation services to boot.

We are flexible, agile and happy to work with your legal team to support your research needs. There is no red tape here, so we can assure you that we will work quickly on our end to resolve any policies for data collection. We stay on top of the latest privacy laws and even have a few members FOIPPA certified.

Lux specializes in full end-to-end primary market research services, which means we provide you with the voice of the consumer/prospect/customer. While we do support and have done some secondary market research, this is not our specialty.

Because we are creative and have great relationships with amazing partners, we can be the single source for any of your primary market research needs. We have multiple ways of recruiting participants and layers of quality assurance practices to ensure that we find, and speak to the right people. We have found some of the most niche audiences and are curious and excited to learn about your business. Reach out to us for a feasibility assessment!

Yes… and we still even do these in person! But, we also do them virtually, offer also virtual interviews, ethnography, shop-a-longs, mystery shopping, and short-term communities. Our experts will help you brainstorm the right research solution to address your specific business and research objectives, as well as design the right project for your audience and budget.

We have experience in working across a number of verticals, including, but not limited to, technology, education, retail, CPG, financial services, real estate, government services, and not-for-profits. We marry that category experience with innovative best practices from studies in other industries.

Yes! Unlike some other research firms, these are always included in the costs. Anything we create or design or collect together will belong to your team. This includes: respondent level data, custom crosstabs with significance testing, the input materials (like surveys, discussion guides, screeners, invitation/reminder letter templates), any media collected from respondents (like selfie videos, videos, photos, open ended responses) and, of course, the final reports with our key insights and recommendations.

The overarching goal of market research is to provide businesses with good, reliable data so they can make solid business decisions, no matter how big or small. It can be used to understand consumer or business-related habits, behaviours and perceptions, to help understand a variety of issues, from launching new products, to testing advertising, to evaluating brand health and more.

Qualitative research is all about observing and talking to specified groups of participants, and answers questions by exploring issues, understanding perceptions, needs and wants, and identifying phenomena. It can involve focus groups, telephone or online interviews, ethnographies, secondary research or literature reviews and more.

Quantitative research provides organizations with statistically reliable numbers on which they can base final courses of action. It assists in profiling, identifying market sizes and segments, and can help project results to a large population. Quantitative data can be collected via online, telephone or in-person surveys, points of purchase, click streams and more.

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