New Year, New Journeys

2/8/2021   By: Lux Insights

At Lux, many of us find ourselves feeling re-invigorated with the start of a new year. While we love to dream about new trips to come in the year ahead, with travel bans still in effect in most regions and physical offices closed, the idea of starting a new journey may be hard to imagine. That said, there’s one type of “mental road trip” we’d love to take you on and it’s a journey map.

Journey mapping is a tool to visualize an experience over time. Whether you’re looking to map your customers’, members’, or employees’ experience, it can help ground your organization by gaining a deep understanding of their current or future experience. Below we’ve captured three ways that Lux’s approach to journey maps are a bit different from what you may have seen or heard of before.

  • Build your own roadmap
    • While journey maps are visual and creative documents, they are also extremely customized tools for each of our clients. Journey maps contain various rows or “lanes” and these act as the filter that you see the journey through. We work with our clients to build out the lanes within a journey map to make sure each deliverable captures the core metrics that will be most valuable to you and your team. Some examples of what you might include in your journey include: photos, quotes, emotional highs and lows, communication touchpoints, moments of truth, and many more.
  • More than qualitative research
    • If you consider yourself a numbers person (or know your internal stakeholders are often focused on the statistical evidence) you may be quick to gloss over the visualized nature of a journey map. Traditionally, journey map research is best paired with qualitative research to understand the emotional ride experienced by customers. However, Lux’s common multi-phase approach makes it simple to transform the qualitative research phase into an online quantitative survey to validate the key highs and lows of the journey map and provide those numerical metrics to support and validate the qualitative data. This produces even stronger journey maps that you and your team can use to understand your customers at their core.
  • Living, breathing documents
    • At Lux, we recognize that your customers’ experiences are fluid and your operations may be changing quickly too. It’s important to set up you and your team to have a journey map that can work for you as you set up your customers for success. For each of our journey mapping projects, we always include an interim Journey Mapping workshop that brings your stakeholders into the process, allowing them to be immersed in the research, ask questions and be part of the journey map co-creation. We want to provide our clients an opportunity to make sure their journey map is understandable and relatable, which is why we’ll make at least 2-3 iterations with you before any final deliverables are produced.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Lux can partner with your team to build a journey map, feel free to reach out to us at